The Things we do

TRU Security Units

Innovation is key to the success of any company. Eagle Vision and TRU Security have worked hand in hand to develop a smart and simple system for companies to keep an eye on their assets left in the field over break up or other low seasons. Check out the slick commercial our Team put together to promote our skids; if you aren't in the market for a security unit, then perhaps a web ad is something we can interest you in.

Bridging the Gap

Passion is something we at Eagle Vision can relate to, we are all very passionate about the work we do at our office. So when Christine Sutherland brought her passion of massage to us in hopes to unite the elders and youth of our generation, we couldn't have been happier to help realize her vision. 


Fort St. John's economy is in a current downturn. That's a sad truth. But nothing brings a community together better than tough times. Eagle Vision Video has been part of the community for many years now, and when we saw the massive turn out of people fighting to kickstart local jobs, well, we've never felt prouder!

PRRD Sewer Systems and You

Our Animation Specialist at Eagle Vision Video is a real whiz. When the Peace River Regional District wanted to reach out to the Charlie Lake community to showcase healthy ways to use the current septic / sewer system in a fun and simple way the whole family can understand; we knew we had the right guy for the job. We at Eagle Vision Video challenge anyone to not find these characters adorable as they show us the do's and don't's of drainage and clogging.

House Video Walk Through

It is said a "picture is worth a thousand words". If that is true then how many words is a video worth; 24,000 words a second? In today's competitive online marketplace, websites are littered with hundreds to thousands of pictures a day. An economic way to stand out and grab a potential client's eyes is with movement, this instantly pulls attention away from static images. If you, or someone you know is in the market to sell a house, please consider Eagle Vision Video Productions. Our rates are affordable and our crews work fast to get your house video online within a day of the shoot.