TRU Security


TRU Security remote Surveillance Systems

TRU Security is a department of Eagle Vision that is growing leaps and bounds. Our remote security system can be set up in any location and will instantly text or email you as soon as activity is detected. This patent-pending device is becoming a must-have for any oilfield or industrial remote location that requires added security measures.

As an added bonus, this system can be used for remote time-lapse for construction without any infrastructure! Before a single piece of dirt or tree is removed or altered we can be there waiting for it all to happen. Watch your years of construction take place in just a few minutes.


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TRU Security remote Time Lapse

Showcase your construction project with TRU Security time lapses. With our system you can check the progression of your job remotely and to make sure important milestones are completed.

Once completed, we spend hours combing through your footage to produce the best picture of your projects progression. We remove undesired images including cloudy, rainy, snowy and non-work hours as needed.

TRaditional security systems

In addition to our stand-alone security systems, TRU Security can customize according to the needs of your installation. Our technicians are able to install hard-wired systems and even integrate our stand-alone systems with the hard-wired ones. We look forward to collaborating on your next security project!


Our TRU Security Clients

A big thank you to our past and present clients who are making our new technology a success!


now available!

Traffic speed calming technology with photo radar capabilities!

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